Bang: Lisa McMann (Visions book two)
Jules thought that after she saved Sawyers life, she’d be vision free and ready to ignite that fire that has burned between them for years as a couple. She couldn’t wait. Jules is vision free, but now there is a new emerging issue. Someone else is experiencing visions, only this time it’s a vision of a school shooting and each day it gets worse and worse. How can Jules help someone decipher their visions if she can’t see it through her own eyes? It’s hard. On top of that her parents want her home 24/7 leaving her with no time to spend with this victim of visions. With no leads and time running out can they solve the mystery in time to save those people? Should she even try?
This book was just as good as the first book Crash, if not better. The action was almost immediate since there was no need for introductions, we know the characters and we know the idea of the novel. It was a great type of chase novel and it continued to keep my guessing during the entire novel. I need to grab the third book, ASAP.
Crash: Lisa McMann
Jules is anything but normal, she spends her days focusing on school, and her families pizza restaurant, where she spends way too much time and has no social life. Not since seventh grade. Not since her best friend since practically birth stopped talking to her without a good reason. Sawyer’s family also has a pizza company and turns out they are rivals. But is that a good enough reason for him to give her the cold shoulder? To top it all off, Jules can’t stop seeing the same vision everywhere, the scene of a crash, nine bodybags, and one familiar face. Deciding if she’s crazy to try and save those innocent souls when she’s not even sure if it’s real is hard enough. It’s harder when no one seems to believe her or take caution, and time is running out, while the visions are getting more intense, lurking in the background, never leaving her alone.
I love Lisa’s writing style, I devoured the Wake trilogy when it first came out and I still own Cryers Cross to date. So when I picked up this book and read the inside cover I was skeptical about a book that surrounded one single vision and no romance or anything in the sort (since i’m a sucker for romance and all). Still, I picked it up yesterday and had spent my day finishing it. The little hints of love are subtle and the plot is neat. I liked the idea and it was well designed. I have the second book next to me, ready to begin tonight!
Far From You: Tess Sharpe
Can I just start this review by saying I started this book today….and had forced myself to stay up to finish it and write this review because it was that good? I know I can’t believe it myself.
Anywho, Sophie had escaped death once, a car crash that had left her broken and battered with more screws in her body than bones. While her best friends Mina and her brother never leave her side. And when Sophie develops an oxy addiction, she gets her help. When Sophie encounters death the second time, it’s just her and Mina, and she’s the only one who survives. Forced into rehab afterwards, left with no end to who killed Mina. Once home from rehab, she takes Mina’s murder investigation into her own hands and attempts to find Mina justice. But finding her justice will not enough to cure her, she’ll need to admit the truth that had been lingering around the entire time.
Like I said, I finished this book within hours, and I loved it. It was so elegantly put together, from the plot to the love story, even to the flashback chapters that had alternated the text. It was easy to get into and I couldn’t put it down until the last few pages, which of course left my teary-eyed
meet me at the river: Nina De Gramont 
Luke and Tressa were always together, until the accident happened that had made Luke leave this earth and Tressa then try to kill herself to be with him. Until her suicide attempt had failed and she lives, and Luke is back as some sort of spirit, only able to visit Tressa at night.
Tressa has decided to spend her days alone, listening to her mother, who looks over her shoulder 24/7 scared that she may try to commit again, while she waits for the nights she can spend with Luke. but when she starts to form new friendships, she must decide if it’s time to move on and think about her future, or stay in her hometown with Luke. Ultimately it’s about choosing to move on or become stuck in the past.
The book was pretty slow for the first half, not in a bad way (i’m used to just heavy love and affection) but it was definietly worth reading. The life long story of love after death and moving on when life seems hopeless is such an amazing story. It had me holding back some tears in the end. 
Easy: Tamara Webber
Easy begins with broken hearted Jackie, going to a party to forget about her recent ex and be there for her friend. When he tries to leave the party early she runs into someone and he tries to take advantage of her in the open. Until Lucas shows up and saves her. Now all of a sudden she’s beginning to notice him everwhere, in class, at starbucks, ect. She begins to fall for him, but she also falls for her online tutor named L who she’s never met, because while tutoring her online he’s sweet and charming and she’s now torn between both guys.
This is a lovely tale of really falling in love again, and for real for the first time, and the differences that are present. While I hated the underying rape theme thoroughout the novel the scenes were nice and steamy and full of life. I stayed up all night to finish this one!

PS- totally called the relationship between Lucas and L.
My Life Next Door: Huntley Fitzpatrick
Samantha seems as if she has everything going for her, her mother is a politician and everything in her house seems to be about order and rules. Still, Sam has found herself looking out of her bedroom window and her next door neighbors, the Garrett’s for years. Something about the messy big family they have has drawn her in. Then one night Jase Garrett does the unthinkable and climbs over the fence and up to Sam’s room and things will never be the same. As Sam’s mom falls deep into politics and is never home she finds herself spending her days over at the Garrett’s and living in the chaos, as well as falling in love with Jase so easily. One night something happens that changes everything and Sam must chose what is right and what she will do, for her family’s sake or theirs.
I would like to start by saying I finished this book in one day, it was so good I couldn’t stop coming back upstairs to read some more. The book was written so easily and the first love as well as the family’s lives were extremely relatable and I felt as if I was right there in the same house while reading.This book will tear at your heart and make you feel good again and enjoy the simple things.
Twenty Boy Summer: Sarah Ockler
Anna Frankie and her brother Matt are best friends. Only at Anna’s 14th birthday her and Matt become something more. The something more that sneaks out, and shares glances, secret kisses when Frankie isn’t around. Anna knows it’s wrong and Matt promises to tell Frankie when they leave for vacation over the summer. The ride home on the day before vacation changes everything. Two years later Anna and Frankie are going on vacation to the beach house to ‘live’ again since the accident. Only Frankie has spun into a world of lies and is fake, while Anna tries to keep Matt on her mind even when she’s falling for a new guy she’s just met.
I loved this book. It was open, honest, full of heart-break, the struggle to pull your life back together after someone you’re in love with dies. I feel as if this was well written and filled with so much passion I was crying by the last few chapters.
But I love Him: Amanda Grace/ Manda Hubbard
Ann was a fun loving highschool cross country runner with some wonderful friends. When her car breaks down one morning and a strange cute boy named Connor happens to be in the same place at the same time it starts a sequence of events that turns Ann from fun loving to broken and alone.
I really enjoyed this book. So much so that I stayed up for hours on end to finish it. I loved the structure and the fact that the story is told backwards, adding in the last day throughout the story.
I don’t want to say any more because there is so much that I don’t want to give away, but it’s definitely worth reading!
Hey guys, I know that this is a book review blog but I felt like this post was kind of necessary. 
the above picture is of a band called Clear For Takeoff who are actually pretty good friends of mine, from Maryland. 
These guys play absolutely fantastic music which seems to have a summer vibe with the upbeat tempos and fast paced songs. The issue is that they aren’t getting nearly the praise I think they deserve and I’d like to help get their name out. If you have time to even listen to one of there songs on youtube, or even spotify I promise you’ll become hooked.
If you have listened to them let me know which songs are your favorite!
thanks guys,

Anonymous asked: Wait what happened in the book of I stay? Who died?

In this book the main character gets into a car accident and she’s in a coma. She can “watch over” her family and such while in this state and through flashbacks and present tense she looks at life and if she will choose to let go and leave everyone behind or come out of her comatose state.

Sorry if the review was misleading guys!

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